Aurora Season is in Full Swing

Tips for Photographing the Northern Lights

It may seem impossible to capture the dancing lights, but follow these tips and you’ll be able to show the folks back home! Please feel free to contact us today to reserve your upcoming stay at Alaska Haven or to learn more about photographing the Northern Lights.

  • Locate a dark area with minimal light pollution. Point your camera to the northern sky and compose your medium-distance foreground with fixed object such as trees, hills or a cabin.
  • Use a digital camera with manual settings and a solid tripod. Bring extra camera batteries and a flashlight and dress for extended times outdoors.
  • Manually set your camera on its highest ISO setting, widest focal point and lowest aperture.
  • Expose each shot for approximately 5 to 10 seconds. Longer exposures will result in brighter images, but stars will streak and the aurora will soften. Short exposures may have sharper detail but dimmer images.
  • Every aurora and camera is distinctive, so experiment with different settings and exposure times to get the best shot. Review your shots and adjust the settings as needed.

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