Caribou Hunt

Living in Alaska is more than an adventure, it truly is a lifestyle. We have been “working hard” hunting in order to provide meat for the upcoming season. After tracking the moving of the caribou herds for a week up north, we decided to drive up the famous Haul Road reaching our destination at around 25o miles north of the Arctic Circle. The remote and vast landscapes of the north are truly breathtaking and humbling. Stalking various herds of caribou for a few days, ranging from 50 to 500 in number, we finally were able to get within 30 yards to harvest one caribou with a bow and arrow. After driving 350 miles, sleeping in a tent for several nights at -20 degrees fahrenheit, and hunting all day, we headed for home thankful, cold and very tired.

After this successful caribou hunt, we enjoyed processing the meat as a family. This time we chose to make Bacon Beer Caribou Brats and Jalapeño Cheese Summer Sausage. They turned out amazing and can only be tasted here at Alaska Haven.

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