Birch Tapping

We finally started our birch tap season yesterday here at Alaska Haven. We enjoyed the  beautiful sun and the long awaited start of spring. On the first day we already collected nearly 10 gallons of birch sap, which we will further process into Birch syrup.  We will continue sharing the processing steps. We look forward to serving this Alaskan treat to our guest.

Every autumn birch trees collect and store nutrients in their roots to help with new tree growth the next spring. These nutrients are contained within the
sap that runs from the roots through the whole tree during the freeze/thaw cycle in spring. When the sap begins to flow, it can be collected for use. To collect the sap, a spout, called a spile, is inserted into a hole drilled into the tree. The spile directs the sap into  a bucket. This sap can be drunk fresh as a spring tonic; used in place of water to make tea, coffee or other beverages; collected and made into carbonated drinks, beer or wine; or boiled down to make syrup.



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