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Alaska ♥️

Material Shopping

By far our favorite part about custom woodwork…choosing the perfect materials to create a one of a kind piece. 

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale 10% OFF This weekend our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are offering a 10% discount on all American Flag Concealed Gun Cases, Concealed Mantle Gun Cases, Birch Disc Wreaths, Mallets, Fish bonkers and will…

Beautiful Aurora

What a miraculous Aurora show we got to see last night right here at Alaska Haven. Wrapped up in blankets, we enjoyed sharing this beautiful display and evening with our guest. #lovealaska #livealaska #alaskahaven

Hatcher Pass

After all these years of living in Alaska, we finally had the opportunity to explore Hatcher Pass. By far, this has been one of the most beautiful places we have seen in Alaska. What a blessing to be surrounded by God’s breathtaking and humbling…

A Sweet Surprise

This morning started with tears of joy after receiving these beautiful flowers from one of our sweet guest. What a beautiful moment and blessing in the midst of life!

Trip to Olnes Pond

We had a wonderful time enjoying Alaska’s beautiful and peaceful nature last weekend. Olnes Pond is just a quick day trip away, yet offers many great activities from hiking and atv riding to fishing or just enjoying a good book.

Beautiful Sunrise

Enjoying a cup of coffee and peaceful sunrise at Alaska Haven.  #alaskahaven #lovealaska #livealaska

Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire. A picture taken by NASA of the Northern Lights from space.

New Property Purchase

We celebrated the purchase of our new property yesterday. We are excited to expand Alaska Haven. It has been an incredible journey for our family and we are beyond thankful for all the wonderful relationships we have been blessed with guests from all around…

Bed and Breakfast New Menu

We have been enjoying creating new recipes for our upcoming Bed and Breakfast season. I am so thankful that everyone in our family has a passion to cook or bake (husband and kids cooking is almost unheard of). With that, we would love to hear…

Incredible Northern Lights filmed over Fairbanks, Alaska in Real-time 4K

Truly Breathtaking!!