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Alaska Moose Hunt

There is nothing better than exploring Alaska’s vast beauty together as a family. Especially in the fall, when the fresh air and the incredible colors start settling in. Join us on our recent family moose hunt in the interior of Alaska. Thank you for…


Our sweet guest shared this video with us today. We never get tired of these visitors in our backyard šŸ’•

Hatcher Pass

After all these years of living in Alaska, we finally had the opportunity to explore Hatcher Pass. By far, this has been one of the most beautiful places we have seen in Alaska. What a blessing to be surrounded by God’s breathtaking and humbling…

A Surprise Visitor

We love these kind of guest at Alaska Haven! Moose are such peaceful animals. It is such a joy to watch them.

Caribou Hunt

Living in Alaska is more than an adventure, it truly is a lifestyle. We haveĀ been “working hard” hunting in order to provide meat for the upcoming season. After tracking the moving of the caribou herds for a week up north, weĀ decided to driveĀ up the…

Bulls at Sunset

Bulls at sunset! What a beautiful photograph Lights Out Photography

Family Hunting Trip

This past weekend has been a true blessing. We had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful cabin in the middle of the snow covered mountains only a close drive away from Alaska Haven. The view from the cabin and the sound of theĀ running…