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Live Edge Table and Bench Project with Bow Ties

Handcrafted from Alaska Birch


Our sweet guest shared this video with us today. We never get tired of these visitors in our backyard 💕

Alaska ♥️

Beautiful Sunsets

While our daylight in North Pole keeps getting shorter by the day, our 3 pm sunsets just keep getting better and better.

“Tis the season – Book Your Snow Machine Tour Today

North Pole Food Truck Festival

We are excited about tonight … North Pole’s first Food Truck Festival!  #eatallthefood #food #foodies #alaska #northpole #alaskahaven #foodtruck #foodtruckfestival  https://www.facebook.com/events/315583712212122/?ti=icl

Beautiful Aurora

What a miraculous Aurora show we got to see last night right here at Alaska Haven. Wrapped up in blankets, we enjoyed sharing this beautiful display and evening with our guest. #lovealaska #livealaska #alaskahaven

Hatcher Pass

After all these years of living in Alaska, we finally had the opportunity to explore Hatcher Pass. By far, this has been one of the most beautiful places we have seen in Alaska. What a blessing to be surrounded by God’s breathtaking and humbling…

Now Offering Tours!!

We partnered up with the well known and respected company Alaska Wildlife Guide (www.alaska-wildlife-guide.com) and are excited to now offer their amazing tours to our guests. Whether you are interested in ice fishing, aurora chasing, kayaking, dog mushing or just a trip to the…

Rutting moose duke it out in Anchorage subdivision

Only in Alaska!!